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Google Launches the Measurement Partners Program for Advanced Data and Analytics

Google announced on its official – Google Analytics – blog the launching of Google Measurement Partners program, which brings together new and existing partnerships to offer brands a variety of options to measure their advertising media.

Google Measurement Partners enables all the marketers and advertisers to recognize and control the customer journey from browsing products to purchasing.

It also introduces trusted analytics about the marketing campaigns, that help marketers building accurate and targeted advertising.

“We believe that measurement you can trust is critical for brands trying to understand the impact of their marketing. But as the customer journey has become more complex, measurement has become increasingly challenging. And while Google strives to build great solutions, some marketers prefer to rely on third-party measurement solutions. That’s why we’re announcing Google Measurement Partners.”

Google’s partners are 20+ verified partners across seven specializations, that including viewability, reach, brand safety, brand lift, sales lift, app attribution, and marketing mix modeling. The 20 partners will make marketers in front of a variety of solutions that work across Google advertising products, including Google Marketing Platform (including Display & Video 360 and Search Ads 360), Google Ads, YouTube, and more.

Google Launches the Measurement Partners Program for Advanced Data and Analytics 1 | Digital Marketing Community


“Our launch partners are recognized leaders within their focus areas and provide solutions widely used by the industry. They meet rigorous standards for accuracy and use reliable methodologies to measure KPIs that matter for marketers. And we work closely with them to ensure the solutions respect user privacy.” Google said


Finally, Google said that “Google Measurement Partners” is part of Google’s broader that focus on providing trust and transparency in ad data tracking.

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