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New Features to Increase Views on Instagram Stories and IGTV

Recently, Instagram Stories have doubled the number of daily active users as competitor Snapchat to reach 400 million daily users. This fact can explain the company’s strong tendency towards adding new features in order to improve users’ experience, keep the growth rate up besides boosting the views of new products such as IGTV. Instagram has recently released 2 new features to Instagram stories:

Sharing IGTV Video Preview to Instagram Stories

Instagram announced on its official Twitter account that they are rolling out a new option that focuses on boosting views on IGTV videos. According to this new feature, users can now easily share their favorite IGTV videos preview to their stories. As explained by Instagram, users only need to press the paper airplane at the bottom of the video they want to share with their fans or friends and when those friends see their stories, they can tap the preview to watch the whole video in IGTV.


Five months ago, Instagram has announced during its event in San Francisco the launch of IGTV, a new app for watching long-form and vertical videos that are up to an hour long from your favorite Instagram creators. However, the IGTV is a stand-alone App, Instagramers are able to watch from within the Instagram app. IGTV is considered to be the most exciting feature to date since Instagram launching in 2010, and it comes with the Instagram celebration of reaching 1 billion users globally.

However, Instagram hasn’t  yet released any numbers on how well IGTV’s been doing since its launching. It can be said that the new app hasn’t taken off the way Instagram would have hoped, that’s why Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that they are working on growing the option within utilizing Facebook’s massive scale, with options like this, enabling easier sharing of IGTV content, and thus, organic promotion through its existing channels.

Promoting Instagram Stories 

Alongside the IGTV’s update, Instagram is also working on rolling out a new option to promote your Instagram Stories, as reported by social media expert Matt Navarra on his Twitter’s account. TechCrunch also has confirmed that the company already elected a group to test its new option.

Accordingly, Advertisers, brands, and businesses will get their Stories into that top bar of their target audience soon.

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