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Instagram Enables GIFs in Direct Messages

No doubt that Instagram is topping other social media platform in providing entertainment for users globally, whatever their habits, and interests. Recently, Instagram is trying to maintain this value among other competitive Apps by adding enjoyable features for all Instagrammers permanently.

Accordingly, a few days ago Instagram announced on its official blog that they are enabling GIFs in Instagram Direct, in order to help Instagrammers globally express themselves effectively when they are chatting with their friends.

According to this new launch of GIFs in Instagram Direct, Instagrammers now can message their friends with GIFs From “LOL” to “I love you”. Additionally, now they have an effective and enjoyable tool, which enables them to interact with their friends in a funny way.

Instagram Enables GIFs in Direct Messages 1 | Digital Marketing Community

In serving GIFs in Instagram Direct, Instagram collaborated with Giphy, in order to support a set of meaningful GIFs to the GIFs’ library in Instagram Direct Message, which enables Instagrammers to express themselves correctly.

How Instagrammers can use new GIFs in Instagram Direct feature?

In the same announcement, Instagram points out the required steps to use GIFs simply in Instagram Direct Message, which are:

  1. Users should Press the new GIF button in the composer bar to open a library of the latest trending GIFs powered by GIPHY. in any message thread.
  2. Then, Instagrammers should Swipe through to see what’s currently trending or search using keywords or phrases to find the perfect GIF to make your friends laugh.
  3. In addition, they will be able to add an element of surprise by sending a random GIF; just they need to press “random” after they write in the search bar, to send a random GIF associated with what they have searched.


GIFs in Instagram Direct will be available in the latest version of Instagram for both iOS and Android, as reported by Instagram.


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