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Instagram Launches 3 Tools Keeping Its one Billion Users Safe

There are no doubts that Instagram took many valuable and effective steps, in addition to working hard to provide an enjoyable and safe platform, in order to keep its one billion Instagrammers safe.

Hence, Instagram announced that its security team is launching three new tools, that enables Instagrammers to make sure the people they follow and the accounts they interact with are who they say they are, and stopping fake accounts before they cause harm.

As explained by Instagram:

“Our mission is to bring you closer to the people and things you love. That closeness can only happen if Instagram is a safe place.”

“About This Account”

One of those three new tools is “About This Account”, that’s a new feature that will be launched in the coming weeks. It enables all the Instagrammers to know more information about accounts on Instagram that have a large base of followers, in order to grant them the ability to evaluate the authenticity of these accounts.

And, these are the needed steps to access the Instagram new feature:

  1. Go to the Profile of people that have large audiences.
  2. Tap the … menu and then select “About This Account”.
  3. Then the Instagrammers will see:
  • The date the account joined Instagram.
  • The country where the account is located.
  • Accounts with shared followers.
  • Any username changes in the last year.
  • Any ads the account is currently running.

Instagram Launches 3 Tools Keeping Its one Billion Users Safe 1 | Digital Marketing Community

Access to Verification

Alongside the “About This Account”, Instagram is also rolling out a new feature focusing on the blue verified badge, which enables the Instagrammers to make sure the account they are following is the authentic presence of a notable public figure, celebrity, global brand or entity.

Based on that, Instagram enabling accounts that have a large base of followers interacting with them to request verification through a form within the Instagram app, in the case of meeting the Instagram policies.

Steps needed To be verified:

  1.  An account must comply with Instagram’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
  2. Then the Instagram team will review verification requests to confirm the authenticity, uniqueness, completeness, and notability of each account.
  3. The request owner should go to the profile, tap the menu icon, select “Settings” at the bottom and then choose “Request Verification.”
  4. The user will need to provide the account username, full name with a copy of legal or business identification.
  5. Keep in mind that Instagram will never request payment for verification or reach out to ask the request owners to confirm their verification.

Instagram Launches 3 Tools Keeping Its one Billion Users Safe 2 | Digital Marketing Community

Third-Party Authenticator Apps

Soon, Instagrammers will have the capability to use third-party authenticator apps to log into their Instagram account. This feature is considered to be one of the Instagram new three tools, that’s a form of two-factor authentication making it easier and safer for users to securely log into Instagram.

As announced by Instagram:

“Support for third-party authenticator apps has begun to roll out and will be available to the global community in the coming weeks.”

Instagram Launches 3 Tools Keeping Its one Billion Users Safe 3 | Digital Marketing Community


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