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Instagram is Launching Recommended Posts in Feed

It’s a logic that all the social media platforms around the world are trying continuously to develop their features, in addition to maintain their users and fans globally and to come at the top of the competitive market.

Instagram is one of those social media platforms, which succeeded in facing all the challenges, developing itself continuously, and making a difference in the social media community globally.

Based on that, a few days ago, Instagram announced on its official blog that they’re testing recommended posts in the Feed, as a way to make Instagram more enjoyable, interesting, and effective.

Recommended posts in Feed is a new feature that enables all the Instagrammers to explore the content that may interest them on Instagram. It will be an alert message sent to the Instagrammers directly and these recommendations in the feed will be based on the people they follow and photos and videos they like on the Instagram platform.

It also helps the users to view, explore, and identify even more of what’s being shared by the Instagram community.

Instagram is Launching Recommended Posts in Feed 1 | Digital Marketing Community

According to the Instagram new feature “Recommended posts in Feed”, Instagrammers will see recommended posts at the end of their Feed, if they have seen all the new posts and updates from people they follow on their personal account.

Instagrammers also will have the ability to check and browse the accounts shown in their recommended posts by a tap on the blue button to follow them, in addition to have the capability to see their past posts or keep scrolling for their recommendations.

In the same context, Instagram announced that the new recommended posts in Feed will be rolling out over the next few days and the evaluation of the new update will depend specifically on the Instagrammers feedback.

On the other side, it should be referred that there were several attempts in the Instagram’s ongoing work to provide an integrated community for its global users, such as Music Sticker in storiesShopping TagsRe-share StoriesVideo Calls on Instagram Direct, and “You’re All Caught Up” Message.


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