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Instagram Provides Private Polls in Direct Messaging

A few hours ago, Instagram announced on their official Twitter account that they have enhanced the Instagrammers interactions with their friends by providing the popular poll stickers to private messaging options.

As explained by Instagram:

“Starting today, you can send a poll privately in Direct. Update your app to choose who you want to poll – whether it’s everyone in a big group thread or just your very best friend. Update your app now to try it!”



As shown in the previous video, these are some simple steps to access the new sticker in Direct Messaging, which are:

  1. Choose your audience who want to send him a message.
  2. Take a photo or video by tapping on the camera button.
  3. Add a poll sticker, similar to how you would within Instagram Stories.
  4. Ask your targeted friend a question you want.
  5. Send to friends.
  6. Finally, let them vote the poll.

Adding Private Polls in Direct Messaging isn’t Instagram’s only effort to enhance the users’ experience with Direct Messaging, back in May Instagram announced its intention to reveal some new features and tools, and the Video chat was one of these updates, then in June it rolled out Voice & video chat in their direct messaging which will be available for all Instagrammers around the world.

As said by Instagram, at this time:


“More than 100 million Instagrammers watch or share on Live every day. But we’ve heard from our community that sometimes they also want to experience real-time video in a smaller group.

In the coming weeks, we’ll bring video chat to Instagram and give friends a new way to spend time together — even when they aren’t actually together.”

Finally, we can say that despite the addition of poll stickers in DMs is a minor option, but it’s another indicator that Instagram is moving to provide more enclosed sharing options.

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