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Instagram’s Adding New Additions to Its “Super Zoom” Feature in Stories

ay by day Instagram proves that the competition in today’s progressive market is harder than ever, Instagram is working hard and doing their best to top all the social media entertaining platforms around the world.

Hence, everyday Instagram is testing new creative features, options, and tools, in order to provide an enjoyable, effective, and entertaining platform for all Instagrammers globally. One of those recently tested features -this week- is adding some new additions to the “Super Zoom” feature, an enjoyable tool that’s joined the Instagram stories features, recently.

These new additions to “Super Zoom” provide creative, additional, and different ways to use the option in the Instagram Stories, as reported by the Social & Digital media consultant, Matt Navarra on his official Twitter account, a few hours ago.

Back in October 2017, Instagram and Facebook added new features for Halloween, Including ‘Super Zoom’, which has been added to enhance the users’ Instagram Stories and DMs. It was providing only the ‘dramatic close-up” zoom tool.

The new feature “Super Zoom” is already proving popular and successful in remaining in high circulation long after Halloween. Then on November 1st, Instagram revealed their plan to provide Halloween-style face filters. Instagram and Facebook Add New Features for Halloween, Including ‘Super Zoom’ | Social Media Today

As explained by Instagram:

When you open the camera, you’ll see “Superzoom” next to “Boomerang” under the record button. Tap “Superzoom” and then tap record to automatically zoom in with suspenseful music.”

Instagram and Facebook Add New Features for Halloween, Including ‘Super Zoom’ | Social Media Today

Since then, Instagram worked on testing several options in different ways, but this is the first time Instagram has listed a broad collection of them in the app, with each of them providing Instagrammers with a different effect.

On the other hand, These additions are not the only Instagram steps to improve the Instagram stories experience for all its users; In June, Instagram launched “@Mention sharing”,  a new feature that enables Instagrammers re-sharing stories, in addition, users will be able to reshare any photo or video in which they’ve been tagged and share it into their own story. Then, through the same month, they rolled out “Shopping Tags in Stories”, a new feature that enables businesses to add a sticker with a shopping bag icon to their product image in their Instagram Stories, to enable their customers to see more details about it. 

After that, in July, they added A new “music sticker”, which enables Instagrammers to add a soundtrack to their stories and choose the song which fits their story vibe.


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