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LinkedIn Dynamic Ads Are Now Available in Campaign Manager

LinkedIn is taking a new step in machine learning, in order to enhance its users’ experience on the LinkedIn platform.

A few days ago, LinkedIn announced on its official blog that they are making the LinkedIn Dynamic Ads now available directly in Campaign Manager, which enables users_Whether they’re running campaigns on their own via self-service, or working with their LinkedIn account team_ to send personalized ads across LinkedIn’s desktop to any targeted professional audience.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

Additionally, LinkedIn Dynamic Ads is enabling users to have deeper relationships with their audience by automatically customizing their ad creative with the publicly available information from LinkedIn member profiles. It helps them to build more memorable experiences with the people that matter most to their business.

As shown in the previous visual, LinkedIn Dynamic Ads are based on aligning the ad creative with each user by taking the first name and profile image of the user and use that in the ad copy, personally addressing the person in-stream.



LinkedIn also mentions that its self-service now becomes full of all key formats that are made by LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, which will make a great difference in helping all online marketers to use all the LinkedIn’s advertising tools in reaching their targeted objectives effectively, in an easier way than before. It also says that Dynamic Ads is considered to be the final native ad unit to become available on a self-service basis.

As confirmed by LinkedIn:

“Advertisers, like Procore Technologies and Vistage, have used Dynamic Ads to tailor campaigns to feature their company, product, service, event and more. As a result, LinkedIn Dynamic Ads have shown up to 2X the click-through rate of traditional display ads.”

In the same context, it should be pointed out that LinkedIn Dynamic Ads is providing more effective options and enhancing the advertisers’ experience by introducing these features:

  1. The eye-catching native format, one of the LinkedIn Dynamic Ads which brings a new level of personalization on LinkedIn that enables advertisers to capture their audience’s attention in a way that standard display ads can’t.
  2. Personalization becomes now easier than ever, LinkedIn Dynamic Ads makes it an easy mission for all advertisers, they just need to create their creative and write ad copy then LinkedIn completes the mission by automatically personalizing their campaign for each targeted person. They also have the ability to add macros -data mapping tools- alongside the availability of pre-built templates, which help to streamline their creative, and auto-translation.
  3. Achieve full-funnel marketing objectives, LinkedIn Dynamic Ads takes care of every stage of the buyer’s journey by providing a variety of formats and options, which help advertisers achieve their goals, drive brand awareness, build a community, and drive traffic and website conversions.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads Are Now Available in Campaign Manager 1 | Digital Marketing CommunityMoreover, Linkedin also adds an additional feature, which makes advertisers able to see how their campaigns are performing and leverage A/B testing to optimize their Dynamic Ads campaigns directly in Campaign Manager, for the first time.


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