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LinkedIn Launches “Talent Insights”, A New Talent Analytics Solution

Back in 2017, LinkedIn revealed its plan to build a new service called LinkedIn Talent Insights, aiming to provide individuals and businesses with an effective tool that presents them with rich data on talent pools and companies. Additionally, to help these businesses answer questions like, which companies are you losing talent to? How does your employer brand compare to your peers? What’s the best location for you to open a new office?

This week, LinkedIn announced on its official blog the availability of LinkedIn Talent Insights, that’s considered to be the LinkedIn first self-serve data product that taps into LinkedIn’s network of 575M+ professionals, 20M+ companies and 15M+ active job listings. Accordingly, businesses now can gain unique and accurate insights, which enable them to make the right decisions. In building LinkedIn Talent Insights, LinkedIn has tested it with more than 80 customers and users at every level in talent organizations, from analytics leaders to TA managers to employer branding professionals. And, the LinkedIn Talent Insights’ test reflects positively on those 80 talent organizations, for example:

  •  Intel used Talent Insights to inform their employer branding strategy in Poland by getting insights into the best locations to place billboards near competitor’s offices, as reported by LinkedIn.
  • A fast-growing startup in the UK analyzed available talent pools in China to identify where they should open their new office, as confirmed by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn also points out that LinkedIn Talent Insights is divided into two reports, including Talent Pool report and Company Report, which are providing professionals with unique cuts of data, in order to be informed with anything from peer benchmarking and retention analysis to university recruiting. The LinkedIn Talent Pool report is one of LinkedIn Talent Insights’ two reports, which provides deep insights into target talent, including where they’re located, who’s employing them, what skills they have. Additionally, Talent Pool report enables businesses to compare their company to industry averages.

LinkedIn Launches "Talent Insights", A New Talent Analytics Solution 1 | Digital Marketing Community

Coming to the LinkedIn Talent Insights’ Second report “Company Report”, which provides businesses with complete understanding of the locations, roles, and skills that are growing fastest at their company. And, they can also see the same things for their competitors. In addition, it can be used to get more information on talent at both their own company and their competitors in order to help them make more strategic decisions. LinkedIn Launches "Talent Insights", A New Talent Analytics Solution 2 | Digital Marketing Community

In the same announcement, LinkedIn also attaches many meaningful graphs, numbers, tips, and insights centered around the LinkedIn Talent Insights product. You can check it here.

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