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LinkedIn Launches Automated Bidding for Sponsored Content

LinkedIn is putting in effort to keep its global professional network in today’s social media platforms competitive market, so they’re trying constantly to enhance, empower, and develop its services, tools, and features. Accordingly, a few hours ago, LinkedIn announced on its official blog that they are launching automated bidding for Sponsored Content, that’s considered to be a significant and effective feature especially for the advertisers and the business owners around the world.

The new LinkedIn automated bidding is considered to be a new bidding feature for Sponsored Content, that puts as many results as possible afront the advertisers while spending their budget efficiently, which means that the LinkedIn system will help them find the perfect bid for their Sponsored Content campaigns that lead to more clicks, impressions, leads, website conversions, or even video views at a low cost.

There are two kinds of Bidding, which are:

  1.  Automated Bid: Automatically adjusts the bid to get the most clicks for the user’s budget.
  2. Maximum CPC bid: enables adjusting CPC manually.

In the same announcement, LinkedIn also refers to the benefits, objectives, and features of the LinkedIn automated bidding, which are:

  1. It can be used to achieve the following objectives: website visits, awareness, lead form submissions, website conversions, video views.
  2. It also enables the campaign’s creators to reduce their cost per result up to 30%.
  3. LinkedIn automated bidding helps creators also to spend their daily budget efficiently.
  4. LinkedIn automated bidding will use historical data and machine learning to automatically find the best bid on members, based on their objective.
  5. To access the LinkedIn automated bidding, campaign’s creators just need to select “Automated bidding” in the Bid and budget page in the LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

LinkedIn also says that in its official announcement that, over the two-month test period, the LinkedIn’s 50 beta participants noticed a great reduction in their costs by 10% to 30%. They also appreciate the LinkedIn automated bidding effect on their work. Finally, LinkedIn intends to expand the automated bidding for more ad formats, in order to help advertisers drive more ROI and spend their budget more efficiently, later this year.

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