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LinkedIn Reveals Expert Optimization Worksheet to Enhance Advertisers’ Paid Media Strategy

John Hayden

Recently, it is noted that LinkedIn has made several efforts and took many steps focusing on the advertising media campaigns across the LinkedIn platform, in order to enhance the advertisers’ experience when they lead or create digital marketing campaigns on LinkedIn.

Hence, a few days ago LinkedIn published on its official blog the LinkedIn Insider’s Expert Optimization Worksheet, introducing a set of unique insights and relevant customer data, in order to provide all LinkedIn advertisers, Businesses, and Marketing campaigns creators from all business’ sizes around the world with an effective, valuable, and impactful guide which enables them to strengthen their paid media strategy, in addition to optimize their targeted audience successfully.

Earlier the past month, LinkedIn launched a new flowchart that’s considered to be a guide to help businesses, advertisers, and media campaigns creators select which of the LinkedIn platform ad options will likely work best for their targeted objectives. Alongside this, LinkedIn also put some valuable tips for all the media campaigns creators, in the same post, which were:

  1. If the advertisers’ goal is thought leadership, they must choose Sponsored Content.
  2. If their goal is an immediate action, they must choose Sponsored InMail.
  3. If their goal is reached, they must choose Display Ads.

This flowchart alongside the LinkedIn tips played a vital role in enhancing the advertisers’ abilities to engage their Marketing Objectives with the perfect LinkedIn product, that leads to successful campaigns on the LinkedIn platform.

Then through this week, LinkedIn revealed its Insider’s Expert Optimization Worksheetas a part of its ongoing work. The LinkedIn Insider’s Expert Optimization Worksheet not only enables advertisers, Businesses, and Marketing campaigns creators to walk through a step-by-step roadmap to uncovering key insights improving their paid media strategy but will also help them discover a few of the little-known powerhouse Campaign Manager features along the way.

As explained by LinkedIn, Campaign Manager includes several effective, valuable, and powerful features, that lead to successful media campaigns across the LinkedIn platform, such as:

  1.  Insight Tag and Website Demographics, two features which advertisers, Businesses, and Marketing campaigns can use to understand the groups of people who most frequently visit their website domain.
  2.  Conversion Tracking, one of the LinkedIn Campaign Manager features which can be used to understand how LinkedIn ad campaigns are helping to support bottom-line KPIs, such as form fills and product purchases.

As commented by LinkedIn:

“Through Campaign Manager, your business has access to a wealth of useful information.”





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