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LinkedIn’s Providing Learning Courses on The Fly for Passengers

Recently, LinkedIn took huge leaps towards being in the top social media platforms by working on providing more effective tools, features, and services, which can enhance the LinkedIn users’ skills just by being on the platform.

This week, LinkedIn announced on its official blog that they are partnering with various airlines -including Delta Air Lines- around the world, in order to introduce valuable LinkedIn Learning courses to passengers in-flight, which means that passengers can make flight time, a time to learn and enhance their skills for free. There is no doubt that, according to this partnership, it becomes easier to invest flight time in an effective way. Once you travel on the LinkedIn partners’ airlines, you can use the LinkedIn Learning library to select from thousands of courses, which are built by expert instructors who introduce a variety of topics like managing stress, getting things done, communication and career development. Delta and other LinkedIn partners’ passengers can:

  1. Watch interviews from some of the world’s top leaders with LinkedIn Editor-In-Chief Daniel Roth’s Influencer Interview series.
  2. Pick up the Delta Sky magazine and read the “5 Minutes With” Q&A series by LinkedIn Managing Editor Chip Cutter.
  3. Spotlighting notable leaders in business.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“Taking advantage of travel time is a great way to sharpen your skills or learn new ones to help you be more successful in your job.”

LinkedIn Learning among in-flight entertainment options

In the same context, it should be kept in mind that in 2015, LinkedIn acquired the Lynda business education platform for $1.5 billion and re-branding it by LinkedIn Learning and since then LinkedIn made several efforts to create options, tools, and courses, which enable professionals around the world to build their expertise.

Alongside Delta Airlines, passengers will also be able to access LinkedIn Learning courses on Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Turkish Airlines, select Alaska Airlines flights and with Eurostar rail service, where they can enjoy a selection of complementary business and personal development courses built by the best industry’s leaders, in order to kill the useless time on a flight.

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