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Live Mode for Sellers: A new option to Generate Leads and Sales on Facebook

Day by day the Facebook company takes an effective milestone in enhancing the experience of marketers and advertisers across all of its platforms around the world by working on providing impactful tools like Marketplace option and features that enable both regular users and businesses to reach their goals.

This week, it was reported that Facebook is working hard on enhancing its eCommerce tools by testing a new option with a dedicated Facebook Live mode, which will allow advertisers, brands, and retailers to present their services in their broadcast, as well as viewers will have the ability to purchase via screenshots in the same moment. This means that retailers and businesses on Facebook will have a great opportunity to push their conversions by letting them “quickly close sales.”

Facebook Live for sellers description

As spotted by SMT contributor Jeff Higgins on its official Twitter’s account, Facebook says the new Page broadcasting option will help businesses “quickly close sales” by connecting viewers to purchases in real-time. It was also confirmed that viewers will be provided with a dedicated button via the screenshot process that enables them to purchase their lovely products during the broadcast.

It is clear that the new Facebook eCommerce option is considered to be an attempt to help businesses from all sizes to increase sales, as well as achieving engagement benefits of Facebook Live into the eCommerce experience on the Facebook platform.

Finally, it can be said that despite the complete details are not available up till now, but this new option can make a sense in the eCommerce and retail field on the Facebook platform.

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