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‘Shop the Look’ Pins Now Available to All Businesses on Pinterest

In Pinterest’s continuous strive to be in the best social media platforms offering advertising options, which attracts a great number of businesses, brands, and advertisers worldwide especially after celebrating a new milestone of having more than 250 million people who use Pinterest each month around the world.

Two days ago, Pinterest announced that they are allowing SMBs access to its new tool “Shop the Look Pins”, which lets people find products right inside fashion and home decor Pins, making it easier to bring their inspiration to life. Shop the Look Pins have white dots that call out different parts of the look, people can tap the dots to view and shop products featured in the Pin.

'Shop the Look' Pins Now Available to All Businesses on Pinterest 1 | Digital Marketing Community

Back in February 2017, Pinterest was offering ‘Shop the Look’ Pins only to big brands and businesses. In addition, these large businesses were required to go through Pinterest Marketing Partners Olapic and Curalate to gain access. But according to the last announcement, businesses of all sizes and influencers now can access the Pinterest’s feature without the need of its partners approval, in addition to manually tagging items with Shop the Look Pins via a self-serve tool available to business accounts. Despite of having this ability, Pinterest still invites large retailers to go through its partners Olapic or Curalate, in order to automate the tagging process, as a recommendation.

Marketers should keep in mind that Pinterest’s Shop the Look Pins will play a vital role in increasing their conversions and purchases, as it enables brands to tag products within organic Pins. These tags will enable users to be informed with all the product’s details, including pricing and availability, and a link to buy the item. In the same context, Pinterest points out that Pins have a much longer shelf life than most social posts that usually only last a day or so. In addition, it can drive engagement for 120 days or more, as reported by Marketing Land. Finally, it can be said that the Pinterest’s Shop the Look Pins are considered to be an addition to Pinterest’s visual discovery tools and the company developed it instead of launching a new tool. Pinterest built Shop the Look Pins, as a desire to provide users with more product information, which can push businesses’ conversions.

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