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Snap Inc. Is on Its Way to Launch a New Version of Spectacles AR Glasses for $350

The world of entertainment and social communication is a world without limits and can’t be controlled by one platform without other social media platforms, so it was noted that both Facebook and Snap Inc. are looking to develop new software that can penetrate the world of Augmented Reality and the virtual reality in fun and exciting ways.

This week, it is spotted that Snap Inc. in working on launching a new version of its Spectacles glasses, which will come with a new design, a stronger, aluminum frame – and more importantly, two cameras. Additionally, it was confirmed that the new version of Snap Spectacles glasses will also be launched with a higher price point of $350 by the end of the year.

As reported with people familiar with the matter, Spectacles glasses new version is codenamed “Newport”, which will be provided with a set of effective and exciting options, such as a frame made of aluminum and cameras capable of producing augmented reality effects in videos. They also mentioned that the new spectacles’ price will be more than double the price of the first version of Spectacles which were released in 2016.

On the other hand, a Snap Inc. spokesperson refused to add any comment about the company’s plan to release a new version of its AR spectacles glasses, as well as declining to confirm the launch.

As explained by Cheddar, “By utilizing two cameras, the Snapchat app will be able to overlay AR lenses and create 3D-like photo effects from footage taken by the Spectacles, the people said. The new hardware is intended to further CEO Evan Spiegel’s grand vision of eventually creating eyewear technology that seamlessly overlays virtual objects onto the real world.”

Back to the fall of 2016, Snap Inc. began to penetrate the field of the AR technology industry with the announcement of Spectacles and its rebranding as a “camera company”. Then, the company continued by announcing on its official blog the launch of two new styles of their Spectacles camera-equipped glasses, “Nico and Veronica” that are considered to be one of the Snap Inc. services and products related to the VR industry, in September.

But, these Snap Inc. two new styles of Spectacles “Nico and Veronica” didn’t add great differences as opposed to the old triangular yellow one, except some slight differences, like a different style, a new slimmer carry case, and a larger battery capacity. However those differences, Nico and Veronica didn’t add much in terms of technical adaptation, new camera tools or advanced functions.



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