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Snap Inc. is Taking A Proactive Step in The VR Services

In the recent months, it’s noted that the competition level between the Snap Inc. company and the Facebook Company -that owns Instagram- has risen, so each of them is working hard on providing a secure and enjoyable platform for all their users around the world.

A few hours ago, Snap Inc. announced on its official blog the launch of two new styles of their Spectacles camera-equipped glasses, that is considered to be one of the Snap Inc. services and products related to the VR industry.

The two new variations of the Snap Spectacles camera “Nico and Veronica” are designed to provide several features and advantages for all the Snapchatters and other globally, which are:

  1. Nico and Veronica’s designs are launched in black-on-black with polarized lenses.
  2. The two new Styles are combining form and function, in order to be a most fashionable hands-free camera.
  3. They capture up to 70 videos or hundreds of photos on a single charge.
  4. Nico and Veronica enable the users to transfer the captured photos and videos to their phones wirelessly.
  5. In addition, they are water resistant, enabling users to take them underwater and use Nico and Veronica Spectacles almost everywhere.
  6. Nico and Veronica are now available on in select countries.

On the other hand, The Snap Inc. two new styles of Spectacles “Nico and Veronica” don’t add great differences as opposed to the old triangular yellow one, except these differences:

  1. Nico and Veronica’s designs come in a different style compared with the old triangular yellow one.
  2. They also do come with a new, slimmer carry case compared with the previous one.
  3. The battery capacity is increased in the new versions.
  4. Despite these differences, Nico and Veronica don’t add much in terms of technical adaptation.
  5. Also, they don’t provide new camera tools or advanced functions.

In the same announcement, Snap Inc. also refers to its plan to create and develop some new feature, tools, and updates that automatically curates the users’ Spectacles Snaps into a single Highlight Story, in order to enable the SnapChatters to find their lovely and enjoyable moments and share them with friends after a full day of Snapping, in a fast, effective, and easy way.



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