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Snap Inc. Launches “YELLOW” to Encourage Brilliant Mobile Creators

Snap Inc. announced on its official blog that they’re launching “YELLOW”, a launchpad for creative minds and entrepreneurs who are looking to build the next generation of great media companies.

Snap Inc. has a desire to encourage the brilliant mobile creators around the world, so they are rolling out ” YELLOW”, which is a new program to fund startup teams and mentor them in the art of mobile storytelling.


“In an ecosystem that’s rapidly evolving, we’re excited about the future of storytelling and the creators who will push the artistic boundaries of what’s possible with mobile content.” Snapchat said.




According to Snap’s announcement, on May 23, 10 different creators or startups will receive $150,000 investment from the Yellow program, with all the tools needed to grow a business from the ground up, through mentorship, introductions to the industry with a three-month residency at the company’s space in Venice, California.




Snap Inc. also refers to the main topics which it is interested essentially: Augmented Reality, Interactive Storytelling, New Kinds of Narratives, in addition to anything that they haven’t even thought of yet.

Candidates can apply for the program at the Yellow website: Applicants should note that applying will be closed on July 8, 2018, and the first class will begin on September.

By launching this program, Snap Inc. helps all creative mobile creators around the world to turn their brilliant idea into reality.

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