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Snapchat Achieves 188 million Global Reach

Recently, Snapchat succeeded in achieving a set of important feats in their app usage numbers around the world, which makes Snapchat an even more valuable platform to create advertising on it.

Marketers and advertisers should keep in mind that Snapchat, now, has a significant scale in the markets that matter most to them. They can use this wide reach to optimize their audience and push their revenue forward.

A few days ago, Snapchat announced on its official blog that now, there are 188 million people around the world using Snapchat daily, and these daily active Snapchatters use the app at an average of over 20 times per day.

As explained by SnapChat:

“As an advertiser, the frequency with which Snapchatters use our app means there are more opportunities for you to reach them. And perhaps that’s why Snapchat’s addressable reach — the number of Snapchatters who can be reached with Snapchat ads in a month — is meaningful in multiple regions spanning across Europe, Middle East and Latin America.”

Snapchat Achieves 188 million Global Reach 1 | Digital Marketing Community

In the same Report, Snapchat also showcases the numbers of people using Snapchat monthly in each region around the world:

  • US and Canada – over 93 million people can be reached on Snapchat monthly.

93 million is a huge number, that should tempt advertisers and marketers to create their campaigns on Snapchat, in order to enhance and improve their conversions in these regions.

  • Europe – over 76 million.

In Europe, Snapchat addressable reach can top those of other platforms around the world, for example in some regions and countries in Europe like Norway, Snapchat ads can reach nearly all of the country’s population.

Snapchat Achieves 188 million Global Reach 2 | Digital Marketing Community

  • The Middle East – over 21 million.

When it comes to the Middle East, it can be noticed that Snapchat’s popularity had expanded specifically in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the surrounding countries, that makes SnapChat a Fertile environment for advertising in the Middle East.

Snapchat Achieves 188 million Global Reach 3 | Digital Marketing Community

  • Latin America – 13 million.
  • India – 6.5 million.
  • Australia – 6 million.

In the same context, Snapchat points out that these addressable reach figures are for Snap Ads only; and does not include reach on Story Ads, Filters or Lenses.

In fact, using Snapchat in the advertising industry provides advertising partners around the world with several benefits, such as achieving success and expansion across different markets, using each country insights to create country-relevant ads that drive results forward, and achieving efficient CPMs and CPAs.

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