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Snapchat Launches “Unsend Messages” To Take On Facebook

 Snapchat is launching a new feature “Unsend Messages” on its platform, to enable users to delete previous messages. The feature enables the users deleting their previous messages with friends, including text, image, video, memory, sticker, or audio note.

On the other hand, Facebook got caught out when some users noticed that previously sent messages from Facebook executives had mysteriously disappeared from their inboxes. Facebook, in the midst of their broader privacy issues, tried to save face by quickly announcing that all users would soon be able to delete previously sent messages, but that option hasn’t materialized as yet.

earlier on April 2018

“Hold down on a text, image, video, memory, sticker, or audio note in a one-on-one or group chat Snapchat message thread and you’ll see a Delete button. Tap it, and Snapchat will try to retract the message, though it admits it won’t always work if the recipient lacks an internet connection or updated version of the app. The recipient will also be notified – something Facebook didn’t do in the case of Zuckerberg’s messages”.  TechCrunch explained.

Snapchat Launches “Unsend Messages" To Take On Facebook 1 | Digital Marketing Community


The ability to delete messages makes sharing personal information online more safety, and that’s what users are clearly looking for. It improves the users’ ability in managing what information they’re putting out into the digital sphere – theoretically and make people more comfortable sending sensitive information over Snapchat.

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