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Snapchat Introduces Its First AR Camera for Desktop

Snapchat is launching a new camera product for desktops, which is “Snap Camera“. Snap camera is considered to be its first camera which users can use webcam and brings its augmented reality effects to other video streaming and calling services through Mac or Windows software. Snap Inc. explained that this new product is a free application designed for desktop, which enables anyone to experience the entertainment of Lenses while using their computer.

The company also added that Snap Camera will provide users with thousands of Lenses, including classics made by Snapchat as well as new designs created daily by the Lens Creator community through Lens Studio. Now, Snapchatters own a funny product that enables more streaming and sharing with Lenses on many other apps, as it can be selected as a camera output in OBS Skype, YouTube, Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom and more, plus browser-based apps like Facebook Live.

How Access Snap Camera for Desktop?!

There are easy tips you can simply do to use Snap Camera product for Mac and Windows desktops:

  1. First, you need to download the Snap Camera app on your desktop device.
  2. Snap Camera syncs with the camera connected to your computer and works with some of your favorite video-sharing platforms and apps.
  3. Then, you will able to wear Lenses while recording your next Youtube video, or even while streaming with apps like Skype, Google Hangouts, and OBS.

Snapchat also underlined on its announcement all features and options, which Snap Camera product can provide for all Snapchatters worldwide within their desktops. It mentions that:

  • Snap Camera Brings the magic of Lenses to your live streams and video chats.
  • A new Lens on gaming, that enables gamers to choose Lenses that match their play-style, persona, or mood.
  • Drive subscriptions with the made-for-Twitch extension, so Snapchatters can add Lenses to their channel and reward new subscribers with custom Lens reactions!
  • Video chat, that enables you to connect and interact with friends with Lenses Compatible with your favorite apps.
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