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‘Shop and Cop’, A New Tool that Helps Shoppers Purchase Without Leaving Snapchat

Snapechat continues to offer innovative solutions to increase online conversions, especially during the holiday season, and in parallel with the latest Instagram announcement today regarding adding new tools to increase shopping on the platform.

Snapchat has launched a new E-commerce Channel across its platform that called “Shop and Cop.”. It’s a new channel in Discover which is bringing the Black Friday 2018 deals straight into Snapchat. The new channel is considered to be an innovative tool that enables all Snapchatters around the world to shop brands and products, as well as making purchases within Snapchat platform without leaving the app or being directed to a landing page.

Integration Between Shopify & Snapchat to Develop ‘Shop and Cop’

Snap Inc. partnered with Shopify, which will power and facilitate the retails through the Snapchat new E-commerce channel, in addition to the company is also curating the brands and offers which can appear in the channel.

Snapchat 'Shop and Cop' on Discover


As shown in the previous visual, Gymshark is a fitness clothing company based in UK, which is the first brand that celebrate the roll out of Shop and Cop by offering 50% off on selected men women items for two hours. In addition, Gymshark’s chief creative officer, Noel Mack expressed that the company’s “super excited” to be part of the roll out. He also added, “It feels like the next natural step,” “It always comes down to stuff becoming more frictionless. What Snap is doing here feels like the real cool next step and something we’ll all be doing in years to come.”


Additionally, AdWeek confirmed that up till now there are around 20 brands are involved including Kylie Cosmetics, TourLife (artist Drake’s merchandise shop), Chinatown Market and Coco Breezy, and involves more every day before the Black Friday and Cyber Monday week.

On this front, a Snapchat spokesperson refused to provide any information about the nature of the deals with brands that participated in this channel, as well as stopping to give any comment about whether Snapchat is getting a revenue cut from any of these purchases.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the launch of Snapchat’s “Shop and Cop.” e-commerce channel came after Instagram announced the release of three new shopping options, which enhance the shopping experiences on the Instagram platform.

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