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Snapchat Publishes “Retail Footprints”, A Closer Look at Snapchat’s Everyday Apparel Shoppers

Competition for the acquisition of advertisers among the social networking platforms is not an easy task at all, but it needs to provide a fertile environment that entices the advertiser to launch his campaigns on a specific platform and not others. There is no doubt that the acquisition of the largest number of diverse audiences is one of the cornerstones of an advertising platform, which is also the most important attraction for advertisers.

Hence, Snapchat launched “The Snapchat Footprints series”, that provides insights on where Snapchatters go, and the places they care about the most. As part of this series, a few days ago, Snapchat revealed on its official blog its “Retail Footprints” report, which takes a closer look at how Snapchatters shop for everyday apparel, as well as when they’re likely to make these purchases. As reported by Snapchat in its Retail Footprints:

  1. Apparel shoppers go shopping eight times a month, on average.
  2. Saturday is considered to be the most popular day apparel shoppers tend to visit apparel stores.
  3. Ages between 18-24-year-olds shop more than any other age group from Sunday through Friday.
  4. But ages between 13-17-year-olds take the top spot for apparel store visitation on Saturdays.
  5. apparel shoppers are 7% more likely to visit an apparel store toward the end of the month (after the 21st) than the beginning or middle.

Snapchat Publishes "Retail Footprints", A Closer Look at Snapchat’s Everyday Apparel Shoppers 1 | Digital Marketing Community

Snapchatters’ Footprints before and after visitation to apparel stores

Snapchat also focuses on places apparel shoppers’ visit before and after a visitation to apparel stores. Snapchat Retail Footprints showcases that apparel shoppers preferred to eat before shopping for new clothes, they’re likely to visit burger joints, delis, or grocery stores. But, after they had ended their apparel purchases they’re running errands like visiting banks, car repair shops, florists, or hair salons, in addition to visiting candy stores or chocolate shops after buying their clothes.

Snapchat Publishes "Retail Footprints", A Closer Look at Snapchat’s Everyday Apparel Shoppers 2 | Digital Marketing Community

In the same report, Snapchat also mentions that apparel shoppers have varying interests and affinities compared to the average Snapchatter. It confirmed, “apparel shoppers are more likely to be coffee lovers or into arts and culture.” As explained by Snapchat:

“As an apparel brand or retailer, it’s important to understand the preferences and behavioral patterns of your consumers. We’re here to help. Learn more about how to reach and convert shoppers who visit your brick-and-mortar locations, uncover rich consumer insights, and curate impactful marketing strategies informed by location technology with Snapchat’s Audience Insights.”

 Snapchat Publishes "Retail Footprints", A Closer Look at Snapchat’s Everyday Apparel Shoppers 3 | Digital Marketing Community


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