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Snapchat Releases A New Version of Its Footprints Retail Insights Series

Earlier this year, Snapchat released “The Snapchat Footprints series”, that provides insights on where Snapchatters go, and the places they care about the most, as a desire to support advertisers, businesses, and campaign creators with valuable information that enables them to understand consumer mentality. Then, as a part of this series, Snapchat launched The Footprints Retail Insights Series, during this month. First, Snapchat published its first “Retail Footprints” report, which takes a closer look at how Snapchatters shop for everyday apparel, as well as when they’re likely to make these purchases. Secondly, it unveiled its final piece of Retail Footprints, that takes a closer look at Snapchatters who appreciate the finer things in life: luxury retail shoppers luxury retail shoppers.

Now, Snapchat announces on its official blog the launch of a new version of “The Footprints Retail Insights Series”, that’s looking at Snapchatters who prefer a one-stop shop for their everyday needs: big box shoppers. “The Footprints retail insights series continues!” This Snapchat recent report showcased that:

  1. Snapchatters visit big box stores twice a month on average.
  2. They tend to hit the aisles most on Saturdays.
  3. Only on weekdays, ages between 18-24 years old are more likely than any other age group to be in-store — but once the weekend rolls around, it’s 13-17 year-olds that browse the aisles most.
  4. They’re 8% more likely to visit big box stores on those days, compared to the beginning or end of the month.

Snapchat Releases A New Version of Its Footprints Retail Insights Series 1 | Digital Marketing Community

Big Box Shoppers Footprints Before & After visitation to Big Box Stores

When it comes to places that big-box shoppers prefer to visit before and after a visitation to Big Box Stores, the report shows that:

  1. When Snapchatters head to big box stores, they are more likely to pregame with a bite to eat or some recreational shopping.
  2. They’re likely heading to American or Chinese restaurants, juice shops, sporting goods stores, or toy stores, before their visitation to big box stores.
  3. But, after big-box shoppers finish their purchases, they focus on self-care and healthy living — frequenting hair or nail salons, farmers markets, gyms, or yoga studios.

Snapchat Releases A New Version of Its Footprints Retail Insights Series 2 | Digital Marketing Community

Additionally, The Snapchat’s Footprints Retail report focused on reporting big-box shoppers’ habits and preferences, which mentioned that:

  1. Compared to average Snapchatters, big box shoppers are more likely to have certain hobbies.
  2. Some tend to be techies who are into gadgets, while others are really into rock music.
  3. Some big box shoppers are more likely to indulge in a good burger, and others are more likely to be into cycling.
  4. They’re also more likely than the average Snapchatter to be DIYers or cord-cutters.

Snapchat Releases A New Version of Its Footprints Retail Insights Series 3 | Digital Marketing Community

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