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Snapchat Releases its Footprints Debut

A few days ago, Snapchat showcased a week in the Life of a Snapchatter, in order to describe their users’ habits, which enables marketers and advertisers across the world to customize their audience efficiently.

Snapchat also has released a set of numbers, that showcases the Snapchatters’ regular activities and habits during every day of the week.

“Over 90% of Snapchatters opt-in to share their location, and they interact with Snapchat approximately 25 times a day. They’re using Snapchat wherever they go — which provides great insights into the restaurants, gyms, transit options, and other places they care about most.”

These numbers belong to Snapchat’s new launch “Footprints”, a new insights series focused on who Snapchatters are and the places they frequent in the real world. Snapchat built its new insights series depending on Snapchatters’ visitation patterns, which allows Snapchat to figure out its users’ favorite destinations.


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By looking at Snapchatters’ weekly location-based behavior in April and May 2018, Snapchat Footprints reported that:

  • Early in the week:

Snapchat reported that Snapchatters used to get specific tasks done, in addition to looking for sources of energy at quick convenience spots. They also visit specific places at the beginning of the week, such as a cafe or coffee shop, juice & smoothie shop, deli, convenience store, or fast food restaurant. For example:

  1. Mondays are for quiet time and relieving stress.
  2. Tuesdays are for running errands.
  3. Wednesdays are for self-care.
  • As the week winds down (Thursdays are for getaways):

Snapchatters’ activities at the end of the week came completely different compared to the rest days of the week. Thursday is considered to be as a travel day to take off for a weekend getaway.

  • During the weekend (Just have fun):

Snapchatters, on the weekend, only want to have fun and take a break from work or school. For example, on the weekend visiting the libraries falls down 40-60% compared to other weekdays. The weekend’s days are going in that way:

  1. Fridays are for fun nights out.
  2. Saturdays are for outdoor fun.
  3. Sundays are for family and low-key fun


Snapchat’s “Footprints” insights series serves specifically the marketers and the advertisers, who can benefit from it through:

  • Reaching audience on Snapchat: Footprints insight series makes it better to drive effective creative messaging and campaign targeting that drives foot traffic to brick-and-mortar storefronts.
  • Optimize for in-store visitation: Snapchat’s footprints enables retailers to consider their audience’s path to purchase and optimize their campaigns.
  • Drive engagement based on insights: Snapchat’s footprints insight series also help in understanding the interests of the in-store visitors, which allows for creative ads to captivate their attention.


“Whether you’re a marketer or just interested in the Snapchat community, we hope Footprints helps you better understand the lifestyles and habits of Snapchat’s unique audience!”

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