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Third-Parties Will Provide LinkedIn Learning with Educational Content

LinkedIn spent several huge efforts to enhance its users’ experience with its new service “LinkedIn learning”, which includes around 13,000 courses on the platform for all job seekers around the world, who come to 580 million users.

This week, LinkedIn is unveiling that they are rolling out two new features to their “LinkedIn learning” service, in order to encourage more people to use the service. First off, according to TechCrunch, LinkedIn will allow third-party companies to offer videos, tutorials, and courses on its platform for learning. Those third-party companies will include Treehouse and the publishing division of Harvard Business School.

On this front, the director of product for LinkedIn Learning, James Raybould, confirmed that the company is planning to enable a set of selected third-party providers to add content and get access to integrate with LinkedIn Learning, then the company will expand this feature for all third-party providers to be a public API for anyone to integrate content. He also added, LinkedIn itself is not planning on curtailing the amount of content it will continue to produce for Learning: it’s currently adding more than 70 new courses each week on average. As explained by him, the first wave of third-party providers will include:

  1. Harvard Business Publishing (e.g. leadership development courses from Harvard Business School’s publishing arm)
  2. GetAbstract (a Blinkist-style service that provides 10,000+ non-fiction book summaries plus TED talks)
  3. Big Think: 500 short-form videos on topics of the day (these are not so much “courses” as they are “life lessons” — subjects include organizing activism and an explainer on how to end bi-partisan politics)
  4. Treehouse, with courses on coding and product design skills
  5. Creative Live, with courses and tutorials for professionals in the creative industries to improve their skills and business acumen.

Third-Parties Will Provide LinkedIn Learning with Educational Content 1 | Digital Marketing Community

As for the second Learning feature, alongside allowing third-party providers to integrate with LinkedIn Learning, the company also announced that students and teachers who use LinkedIn Learning will now have the ability to ask and answer questions around LinkedIn Learning sessions, in addition to following instructors on LinkedIn, and see others’ feedback on courses. As explained by TechCrunch, launching Q&A features follows on from that, giving those taking courses or watching videos a way of interacting and following up with those who are doing the teaching. Adding that it could see more engagement across the whole of the Learning product.

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