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Twitter Is Experimenting a New Feature For Replies on Tweets

Similar to the Facebook app, Twitter is trying to work on many issues simultaneously in order to be able to provide an enjoyable platform. In addition, a secure app for all Twitter users globally. As a desire to emphasize tweet engagement, Twitter announced that they are testing new features and layouts for tweet interactions, and they’ve asked users for feedback on these new updates. Twitter product manager, Sara Haider announced on her own personal Twitter account the launch of those newly tested features, which will include that:

  1. Threaded replies to individual responses, making it easier to see who’s responding to what within tweet reply chains
  2. Color coding for responses from the original tweet poster and/ yourself, highlighting key replies (purple for responses from the original tweeter, blue for you)
  3. Green dots on profile images within chains to indicate when a user is active and spark more real-time engagement (users would have the option to switch off).

She also asked Twitter users around the world for thoughts and recommendations in order to help the Twitter development team evaluate the new features and trying to enhance and develop it for them, in the same post.

Accordingly, Twitter product manager, Sara Haider, received a set of valuable recommendations and thoughts from the users on her own account, such as making replies scrollable, enabling number of replies, add visible timestamps, provide typing indicators, and replace ‘Join the conversation’ by ‘Tweet your reply’ prompt.

Twitter threaded replies mock-ups

In the same context, it appears clearly that the Twitter newly tested variations enhance the engagement on the Twitter platform, as well as provide effective interactions between the Twitter users.

Finally, It should be admitted that Twitter is not only working on developing and launching new features, updates, changes, and options for its own globally users but also it tries hard to prevent the misuse of its own platform and provide transparency especially for political ad campaigns and issue ads.

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