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Twitter Is Unlocking In-Stream Video Ads to All Regions

This week, Twitter announced on its official blog that they are unlocking the platform in-stream videos to all regions, which means that publishers can now monetize their entire global video audience on Twitter through In-Stream Video Ads. In-Stream Video Ads is an effective way that built by Twitter, in order to help top publishers who want to monetize their videos on Twitter reach incremental revenue of their video content, in addition to enabling brands and advertisers reach influential audiences and align with great content.

Earlier in this year, Twitter announced the expansion of In-Stream Video ads for more advertisers around the world, as a desire to enable them to reach a wider audience. Accordingly, In-Stream Video Ads are available now to all advertisers in 12 global markets, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Spain, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and United States.


Twitter Is Unlocking In-Stream Video Ads to All Regions 1 | Digital Marketing Community

As explained by Twitter:

“We expect this opportunity can build on the momentum publishers across the world are seeing on Twitter: Over the first half of 2018, publisher earnings for this product have more than doubled relative to the same period in 2017.”

In recognizing the importance of video ads that lead revenue, Twitter invested its time to make better benefits from video ads on its platform. It shows that video ads were responsible for more than half of it’s revenues ($575 Million) in 2018 Q1. Hence, Twitter has partnered with more than 200 of the best video publishers in the USA, to create and publish brand-safe videos that expected to be lovely and excited for audience. This partnership includes top TV networks, teams from major sports leagues, and professional news outlets like Business Insider, CNN, Condé Nast Entertainment, Fox News, Fox Sports, Hearst Magazines Digital Media, IGN, Meredith Corporation, and Reuters.

The expansion of In-stream video ads won’t change anything for all Twitter advertiser. It will enhance Twitter video ad options, as it will allow digital marketers to connect with their audience through pre-roll and mid-roll ads that kick off the videos users watch.

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