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Twitter UK Rolls Out #OneTweetCV, A New Careers Initiative

In the past year, #Jobs and #Hiring are considered to be one of the most popular UK hashtags, in addition to amassing more than 3.3 million mentions since August 2017, as reported by Twitter Uk. Hence, a few days ago, Twitter UK announced on its official blog that they are rolling out a new hashtag called “#OneTweetCV”, which is a brand-new careers initiative, in order to help young jobseekers to find a unique work opportunity, that they’d prefer. Based on that, Twitter UK is providing five young jobseekers with a unique work opportunity at its London HQ later this year. According to the Twitter announcement, applicants just need to Tweet using the official hashtag — #OneTweetCV. in order to apply for the Twitter’s initiative, which encourages Twitter’s young users to get creative by making full use of Twitter’s range of features (E.G polls, GIFs, videos, photos, Moments).

As explained by Twitter:

“The twist is all applications need to be made through a single Tweet.”

Twitter UK Rolls Out #OneTweetCV, A New Careers Initiative 1 | Digital Marketing Community

In the same announcement, Twitter also points out the conditions and advantages of its New Careers Initiative, which include:

  • Successful candidates will each get to spend a day immersed within a variety of departments at Twitter UK, including Marketing, Engineering, Product, Marketing, Sales, Recruitment and Twitter Moments.
  • They also will have the ability to specify an area of the business they’re particularly passionate about (e.g. coding) and want to explore more extensively on the day.
  • Additionally, this opportunity is paid and the deadline to apply is 15th October 2018.
  • Applicants must be over the age of 18 to apply, with successful candidates to be contacted in due course via Twitter.

Twitter also shared some effective insights alongside the announcement of the new launch; it says that its research shows that:

  1. 18 to 24-year-olds are increasingly ditching traditional job applications in favor of approaching companies via social media.
  2. Around half of those surveyed liked the idea of using Twitter to apply for jobs rather than writing a CV.
  3. 70% feel that CVs don’t allow them to show employers who they really are*.

On the other hand, Twitter provides some tips which belong to Jessica Mansell, Senior Recruiter at Twitter UK, in order to help young jobseekers apply to its New Careers Initiative, such as:

  1. Demonstrate personality – a Tweet is no longer just 280 characters. Use images, emojis, threads, and more to catch the attention of your dream employer
  2. Skip Buzzwords – if you wouldn’t say it in real life, why say it on Twitter? Don’t ‘reach out’ or ‘touch base’… say hi!
  3. Remember the three C’s – Clear, Concise, Creative
  4. Don’t show off, be authentic and this will shine through
  5. Know where you’re applying. Twitter is a creative space bursting with talent, so tailor your CV to show you’d fit in with the culture


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