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Video Ads at Max. Width is Now Available on Pinterest

A few days ago, after testing them out over the last few months, Pinterest announced on its official blog that video ads are available at max. width to all advertisers globally, now with two formats to choose from when showcasing videos on Pinterest.

As explained by Pinterest:

” Videos at standard width are the same size as all other Pins on Pinterest and videos at maximum width are ~4x bigger, spanning across Pinterest’s iconic two-column grid. In this case, bigger does mean better: we’ve seen increased engagement rates for this format as Pinners take notice of this high-impact video.”

In the same context, Pinterest reported the results of its early tests for the max. width format, which came as follows:

  • Advertisers saw efficient costs-per-view and lifts in brand awareness metrics.
  • In several studies done with Millward Brown, advertisers got blockbuster results for key awareness metrics.

For Example:

  1. UK retailer John Lewis saw a 20% increase in awareness and 33% increase in purchase intent in a campaign promoting their new nursery collection.
  2. In a recent World Cup max. width video campaign, one of Adidas’ videos saw a 12.6% lift in ad awareness amongst those who viewed the video.
  3. A CPG brand that tested the format saw a 23% share increase in brand association for those who viewed their max. width video.
  4. Warner Bros. is also using Promoted Video at the max width to publicize their new movie, Crazy Rich Asians.

Pinterest’s recent tests and studies also showcased that:

  • Variety types of content work well on the platform.
  • Advertisers can test these different approaches to their videos to see what works best.
  • Both brand awareness and instructional videos perform well with people on Pinterest.
  • Videos should include a logo and strong branding, ideally visible in the first few seconds. People will engage even more if products are integrated into the video.
  • Instructional videos tend to generate longer watch times and people save them more.
  • Videos should be short, simple and focused on a key idea or message. 6-20 seconds is a sweet spot.



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