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YouTube Giving is Preparing for the Giving Week 2018

Recently, most social media platforms have begun to take responsibility by giving fundraising to charities that adopt specific societal issues and have an impact on humanity through bringing effective features, options, and tools that enable people to donate for issues that matter to them. This week, YouTube mentioned some of YouTube’s biggest creators in a blog post who will celebrate Giving Week and team up with charities in order to raise the number of fundraisers around the world ahead of the Giving Season.

Back in this year’s August, YouTube launched its first effort at Charitable Giving in the recent time; “YouTube Giving”, a set of new features and tools established to strengthen the way that creators and fans can make a difference in their society by helping charities by giving funds on the platform to over 1M nonprofits. These YouTube Giving new features including Fundraisers (beta), Community fundraisers (beta), Campaign matching (beta), and Super Chat for Good.

YouTube mentions that most of YouTube’s biggest creators will celebrate Giving Week and team up with charities that provide support for many people worldwide, so the Video Streaming App invites fundraisers from all over the world to preview YouTube’s biggest creators and look for the donate button on their videos to lend their support on their videos. As reported by YouTube, these creators include:

At the end of the announcement, YouTube confirmed to continue the season of giving with #Dancember, a charity fundraiser founded by YouTube creators Benji and Judy Travis of itsJudysLife, and added, “This is leading up to a 24-hour live stream fundraiser on December 14th, benefitting the global humanitarian organization, Save the Children.

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