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YouTube Makes New Changes to Control the Digital Wellbeing

Recently, YouTube has been consistent in updating and developing its platform, in order to maintain its value in the today’s competitive market. It introduced new tools that help people better understand their tech usage, focus on what matters most and disconnect when needed.

Today, YouTube announced on its official blog that they’re rolling out some new features, changes, and updates focusing on the understanding of time spent on YouTube, that enables users to manage their time spent online, in addition, to take charge of their Digital Wellbeing. Now, users can find all of the YouTube tools in one place, alongside their personal time watched profile.

How much actually watch

This is considered to be one of the YouTube updates, that’s a profile that tells users how long they have watched YouTube videos today, yesterday and over the past 7 days. This profile will be available from today in the users’ account menu.

YouTube Makes New Changes to Control the Digital Wellbeing 1 | Digital Marketing Community

A break Reminder

YouTube also develops a new feature that enables its users to set up a reminder to take a break from having fun watching YouTube videos. This feature argues the users to set a limit on the spent time on YouTube. in order to benefit their time effectively.

To access this feature, the YouTube users just need to visit their settings and select the amount of YouTube time that’s suitable for them. If they have hit that limit, a friendly reminder will appear on their screen.

YouTube Makes New Changes to Control the Digital Wellbeing 2 | Digital Marketing Community

One notification a day

According to this feature, users now have the ability to take control of receiving notifications from YouTube. Now, they can combine all of their received notifications from YouTube into a single notification per day, in addition, set a specific time to receive these notifications.

It’s just needed to go to their settings to underline when they would like to receive their digest.

YouTube Makes New Changes to Control the Digital Wellbeing 3 | Digital Marketing Community

Disable notification sounds and vibrations

YouTube also decided to send all notifications without sound and vibration between 10 pm and 8 am, in order to not cause a disturbance for its users when they fall asleep. It also provides the ability to enable sounds and vibrations or customize the start and end time in the user’s settings.

YouTube Makes New Changes to Control the Digital Wellbeing 4 | Digital Marketing Community



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