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YouTube’s Enabling Vertical Video Ads to Enhance Brands’ Experience

With more than 70% of YouTube watch time happening on mobile devices, YouTube decided to take YouTube Video Ads to a higher level on its platform.

A few days ago, it was reported that YouTube is launching the ability to create vertical video ads on the YouTube platform, in order to help advertisers, businesses, and brands introduce a more seamless mobile experience for all YouTubers around the world. Additionally, on 12 September, Youtube also announced at Dmexco that they will provide effective ways to sell advertisers video ads, which are based on the users’ personalized home feeds.

According to this addition to the YouTube Video Ads’ services -which is considered to be the first time YouTube is enabling businesses to serve bespoke vertical creative within its platforms-, YouTube is becoming a strong competitor to Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat in providing creative, effective ad tools and options. As advertisers, businesses, and brands now have the ability to fill up a viewers’ screen when they’re viewing content on YouTube’s mobile app. Now, when users press on a vertical video ad they will be redirected to an external link, like a company website.

As Explained by the YouTube’s chief product officer, Neal Mohan:

“when used in combination with the Google-owned platform’s classic horizontal video formats, the test campaign to promote the automaker’s most recent SUV model resulted in a 33% uplift in brand awareness and a 12% uptick in purchase consideration.”

He also points out that the new YouTube Video Ads’ option will be introduced to brands that buy TrueView products, which brands only pay for if users opt-in to view their ads, and Universal app campaigns. Additionally, he added that the amount of watch time driven by recommendations on YouTube’s home feed has grown 10-fold over the past three years, that’s why YouTube announced that it will enable advertisers to buy inventory in individuals’ Home feeds, which means brands can create specific campaigns that are based on content tailored for a person’s personalized recommendations.

In the same context, it should be pointed out that Hyundai is being included with the selected brands to test the new YouTube Video Ads’ feature, that expands based on the dimensions of the video.

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