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Acquisio started off as a digital marketing agency. In 2004, founders Marc Poirier and Richard Couture sold the agency to develop a proprietary suite of tools to integrate Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Bing Ad campaigns so marketers could easily prove their ROI.

Acquisio continued to evolve along with the fast pace of digital advertising providing PPC automation tools, data connectors, and cross-channel reporting capabilities.

Benefits of Using Acquisio:

  • Tell prospects their expected clicks, conversions, and even personalized campaign ROI. Within their local product, the Lead and Traffic Estimator can tell your sales team exactly how many leads a prospect can expect from their campaign.
  • Modify and adapt campaigns or templates anytime. Leverage dynamic replacement variables to differentiate and highlight the needs of each customer. Manage and organize your search campaigns with agility.
  • Workbench is your one-stop shop for reviewing and updating campaign progress or structure across publishers. Customize columns, date ranges, and more to easily analyze trends and optimize performance. Apply advanced filters and save preferred account configurations.
  • Acquisio Turing is the machine learning optimization suite that never stops searching for ways to get better campaign results.
  • Automatically attribute offline calls to PPC campaigns and keywords with call tracking connectors.
  • Schedule reports to be sent out to select recipients on specific days every month so you never forget another report.

The Top Features of Acquisio:

  • Sell: Local SEM Sales Tools
  • Launch: Ad Campaign Creation at Scale
  • Manage: Cross-Platform Budgets, KPIs & More
  • Optimize: AI Campaign Performance Tools
  • Integrate: APIs, Add-Ons & Data Connectors
  • Report: Cross Publisher Reporting & Analytics

Acquisio Pricing:

  • Free

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