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adform Demand Side Platform is considered to be one of the most helpful digital marketing advertising tools, which are essentially built to allow all marketers, advertisers, retailers, brands, businesses, and all people who are working in the digital marketing advertising industry to Harness their data, target their ideal user with any format across any screen.

adform Demand Side Platform is also considered to be one of adform’s smart tools, which are included in its Advertiser Edge Package; Advertiser Edge is a great suite of advertising solutions and tools that are introduced to all advertisers around the world.

adform was supported in 2002 in Kobenhavn, Denmark by 3 code-writing engineers. It is one in every of the leading advertising technology corporations within the world and provides the computer code employed by patrons and sellers to change digital advertising. These days over 850+ staff are serving a growing, position and dependable client base globally.

adform team has designed the foremost open and clear advertising technology platform on the market. Every product delivers robust complete capabilities and may be seamlessly paired with the remainder of adform advertising platform for increased results. All backed by associate open approach that integrates with alternative leading technologies and services to assist you to secure most results.


  • Reach your desired audience with highly intelligent targeting and retargeting using the formats of your choice across all screens.
  • Harness first and third-party data, ISP, location, behavior, context, device, and keywords to find the consumers most likely to engage, click or convert.
  • Leverage custom workflows and an intuitive UI to buy a standard, video and mobile inventory with confidence.
  • Adform is committed to the highest standards for accurate measurement to deliver trustworthy and transparent insights.
  • To support this goal, Adform is MRC accredited for Display and Video impressions and viewability.
  • Leverage Bid Multipliers and Dynamic Budget Allocation to maximize the impact and effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • Extensive search retargeting capabilities seamlessly integrated into the DSP.
  • Advanced viewability tracking and controls.
  • Excellent display, video and mobile inventory at scale.
  • Take the guesswork out of cross-device campaigns by creating a single, seamless, audience profile.
  • Dynamic algorithms and machine learning that respond in real-time to changes in bid conditions for maximum benefit.
adform Demand Side Platform

adform Demand Side Platform

Services & Features:

  • Bid with Intelligence
  • Search Retargeting
  • Viewability Based Capping
  • Exclusive Inventory
  • Cross-Device
  • Real-Time Algorithmic Optimization


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