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Adobe Primetime

Adobe Primetime

Ads. Subscriptions. Revenue. Get it all with Adobe Primetime.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Adobe Primetime is considered to be one of Adobe creative tools, solutions, software, which help all marketers, advertisers, retailers, social media specialists, graphic designers, and all people who are working in the digital marketing industry do their jobs easily.

Adobe Primetime is also considered to be one of the smartest tools, which focus on web analysis – that is a very important field in digital marketing and social media campaigns- and enable all people who are operating in data analytics to reach accurate and valuable insights about their brands’ advertising.

Adobe Primetime strongly focuses on analyzing three important aspects, which are Ads, Subscriptions, and Revenue. It offers huge benefits to media companies, including 385% ROI, a 24% increase in average engagement time, and a 59% decrease in time required to deliver OTT video services.


  • Drive your advertising revenue.
  • Maximize your inventory yield.
  • Start taking action on your data so you can target your audiences better.
  • Boost your subscription revenue.
  • Deliver TV content anywhere while protecting subscriber revenue.
  • Protect your revenue from unauthorized account sharing and expand your customers’ viewing options.
  • Adobe Primetime is fully integrated with Adobe Analytics to capture detailed authentication and viewing behavior across devices and deliver effective insights.
  • Primetime also uses Adobe Sensei machine learning to identify high-performance ad inventory and unauthorized account sharing.
  • Adobe Primetime reaches 99% of US pay-TV households.
  • Deliver targeted TV-quality ad experiences across all devices.
  • Handle viewership during even the biggest live events — from the Olympics to the Super Bowl.
  • Deliver great advertising and subscription experiences.
  • Use machine learning to significantly reduce waste for your demo-based ad campaigns across devices.
  • Use a single workflow to build and deliver video across every device and platform.
  • Reduce unauthorized account sharing across all of your streaming pay-TV properties.
  • Unlock pay TV content on any device with the Emmy award-winning solution that powers 99% of pay-TV households in the United States.

Services & Features:

  • Advertising revenue:
    -Currency Optimization
    -Dynamic Ad Insertion
  • Subscription revenue:
    -Concurrency Monitoring


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