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AdStage Report Tool

AdStage Report Tool

Show The Value Of Your Ad Spend


AdStage Report Tool is considered to be one of the smartest tools and software in the digital marketing campaigns and social media ads, which are powered and presented by AdStage software company.

AdStage Report Tool should be at the top choices of all marketers, advertisers, retailers, e-commerce specialists, brands, and businesses, as it offers all of them a great suite of solutions that enable them to Sexplore the real value of their Ad spend. In addition, AdStage Report Tool allows them to Focus on the right ad networks & offers with closed-loop reporting.

Otherwise, AdStage is considered to be one of the most popular software companies that give great help for all paid marketers to make decisions that drive business growth with closed-loop reporting and automation.

Coming to the company story, AdStage was founded in 2012 by Sahil Jain and Jason Wu. While working at AOL and Cisco, they saw how digital marketing altered the playing field for businesses of all sizes. Technology and data changed the way marketers worked and measured their success.

Today, paid marketers at leading agencies and companies in almost every industry depend on our platform as their trusted source of truth. AdStage is headquartered in San Francisco, California. We’re hiring!

AdStage Report Tool

AdStage Report Tool


  • Create and schedule the perfect report with drop-in tables, graphs/charts, and text or image widgets.
  • Fine-tune your reports with ad creative reports, summaries, and custom data table uploads.
  • Go Beyond Campaign-only Views.
  • Take a dive deep into ad performance by adding calculated metrics, custom conversions, naming & metric filters, budget monitoring, goal pacing lines, and more.
  • AdStage is uniquely able to include the near real-time data and some network-specific metrics from Google Ads, Facebook, Yahoo Gemini, and Google Analytics.
  • Import your conversion data to easily generate and analyze reports to understand the ROI/ROAS of your campaigns.
  • Define your own KPIs using existing metrics across all the ad networks for streamlined reporting and automation rules.
  • Consolidate and visualize all your cross-network advertising performance metrics with only a few button clicks.
  • Design beautiful, branded reports by adding your logo, commentary, and markup. Send it to your clients or teammates with a custom URL.
  • Apply 100+ metrics and an advanced name and metric-based filters to drill down into the exact ad performance views you need.
  • Automate your regular reporting with web-based, PDF, or Excel reports that are refreshed and sent out on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.
AdStage Report Tool

Keyword Report

Features & Services:

  • Import Conversions
  • Calculated Metrics
  • Cross-network Analysis
  • White Label Reports
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Schedule Reports
AdStage Report Tool

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  • Starter – $199 / Month
  • Core – $499 / month
  • PRO – $699 / month
  • Elite – $999 / month
  • Enterprise – Pricing At Scale

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