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Our software helps your business get better marketing results.


Alexa software is considered to be one of the most important tools in the field of the digital marketing industry. It introduces a great suite of tools that advertisers, marketers, bloggers, and webmasters need to improve their SEO and PPC strategy, prove their success, and discover new ideas for growing their traffic. Alexa also helps business get better marketing results.


  1. Alexa is a great resource for improving your website performance, as it provides you with different features from finding and fixing SEO issues to discovering new content ideas.
  2. It also brings the ability to create board-friendly presentations benchmarking against the competition, demonstrating strengths and weaknesses, identifying new opportunities, and surfacing competitive threats.
  3. In addition to enabling you to research the strength, popularity, and influence of potential partnerships, investment opportunities, and industry trends.
  4. Using Certified Alexa Rank help all webmasters, marketers, businesses, and bloggers prove the popularity and success of their website, and track progress over time.
  5. Alexa software is also considered to be an estimate of the popularity and ranking of every website globally and in every country.
  6. It also provides metrics that focus on behavior data (bounce rate, time on site) and demographics (gender, education levels).
  7. The tool has two versions, including a paid version and the other one is free;
    Free version: Unlimited site info reports. 7 day free trial for a full toolset
    Paid version: $99/month.

Features & Services:

As we said at the beginning of the article, Alexa software introduces a great set of effective tools and services, such as:

  1. SEO Tools: Including Keyword Difficulty Tool, Competitor Keyword Matrix, On-Page SEO Checker, Competitor Backlink Checker, and SEO Audit Tool.
  2. Competitive Analysis Tools: That’s including Audience Overlap Tool, Site Comparisons, Website Traffic Statistics, Find Similar Sites, Top Sites, Alexa Browser Extension, and API.
  3. Marketing Resources: That’s including eBooks, Video Tutorials, Blog.


  • Advanced – $149/mo
  • Agency – $299/mo


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