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Anymail Finder

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Anymail Finder was launched in 2015 when and Makesmail merged. Nowadays, thousands of companies use Anymail finder every day to successfully find emails.

Anymail Finder’s goal is to give marketing and sales teams a product they’ve always wished for.

Anymail Finder realized that it’s better to charge for emails that are 100% verified and give the rest away for free. It’s a hard enough job in sales and marketing without bouncing emails and nobody likes to complain, hence they say ‘verified or free’.

Benefits of Using Anymail Finder:

  • Find more leads and make more sales
  • Find real emails or they’re free
  • Accurate and Efficient
  • Find Verified Emails with Anymail Finder’s API

The Top Features of Anymail Finder:

  • Free Test Credits
  • Easy Lookup
  • Enhanced Database
  • Mass Searches
  • Anymail Finder doesn’t make emails up

Anymail Finder Pricing:

  • 90 Verified emails: Free trial
  • 1000 Verified emails: $49
  • 5000 Verified emails: $99
  • 10000 Verified emails: $149

NOTE: All prices are subject to change without prior notice. So, please check the original link of pricing.

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