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Clusteric Search Auditor

Clusteric Search Auditor

Clusteric Search Auditor All-in-one Desktop Seo Suite


Clusteric Search Auditor is considered to be one of the most effective search engine optimization tools and software that help all marketers, advertisers, webmasters, analysts, and all people who are operating in digital marketing, social media, and data analysis field to collect a great suite of impactful analytics or data, which enable them to make a great success on their work.

Clusteric Search Auditor is also considered to be one of the smartest tools that powered by the Clusteric software company, which solves the problems of dealing with huge loads of data, a variety of parameters and portions of information coming from multiple sources.

Clusteric Search Auditor also provides customers with a great set of analytical modes, such as fast and precise link quality/spam estimation, multidimensional link profile analysis, and competitors’ SEO activity analysis.


  • Clusteric helps you to solve the most common organic visibility issues and implement “white hat SEO” tactics for small business and enterprises.
  • Clusteric Search Auditor offers you several advantages, including:

    – over 100 (a hundred) analyzed params,
    – 53 link rating formulas,
    – 13 built-in analysis modes and custom modes,
    – 45 reports and diagrams,
    – we’re building our own backlink index,
    – external resources connectors (Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic),
    – working with large link lists and {start|stop|pause|autosave} during project evaluation,
    – data export – Excel, Google Docs, OpenOffice, … (*.xls format),
    – video manuals showing example applications,
    – broad users’ manual,
    – frequent updates based on users’ feedback,
    – top quality support.

  • Clusteric Search Auditor was built for:

    – fast and precise link quality/spam estimation,
    – multidimensional link profile analysis,
    – competitors’ SEO activity analysis,
    – preparing a content marketing strategy,
    – comparing organic visibility between domains,
    – finding keywords with potential,
    – onsite and optimization audit – both of your website and your competitors,
    – expired domains research,
    – creating reports/audits.

  • Clusteric Search Auditor provides a package of smart services, like:

    – own backlink index built by crawling URLs with Google visibility,
    – Google visibility index including 4 language versions (UK, US, PL, NL),
    – ability to create your own analysis modes including more than 100 factors,
    – language, page topic, technology detection,
    – advanced automatic link quality evaluation,
    – analysis speed boosted by data gathered by Clusteric architecture,
    – up to 100 000 rows available in Google Search Console API connector tool (while only 1000 rows are accessible in Search Console panel),
    – deep keyword difficulty estimation based on TOP10 + TOP100 optimization and both on-site and off-site params,
    – additional tools for converting/processing large link lists.

Features & Services:

  • Audit Links &Disavow
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Domain visibility
  • Compare visibility
  • Expired domains
  • Content&Link prospecting
  • Custom mode
  • Keyword research
  • Onsite audit
  • Search console connector
  • Lead extractor


  • Agency – $379
  • Consultant – $179
  • Small Business – $97

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