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DeepCrawl is one of the most popular search tools that powered by DeepCrawl software company, which is considered to be one of the biggest companies in developing tools and software that offer search engine optimization, search engine marketing, data analysis, and digital marketing services around the world.

DeepCrawl is the world’s most comprehensive website crawler. It allows all search marketers, data analysts, and all people who are operating in the analytics field to analyze their website architecture to understand and monitor technical issues to improve SEO performance.

On this front, it should be mentioned that DeepCrawl can win several big and valuable awards, such as:

  1. Winner of Best Search Software Tool UK Search Awards 2017
  2. Winner of the Best Product Marketing Expo 2017 Award
  3. Winner of the Best SEO Software Tool 2017 MENA Search Awards

Coming to the company story, DeepCrawl was born when two of the founders were working on a site redevelopment for a large property website. With millions of pages, and many architectural flaws, it was a huge challenge to migrate and there was a significant risk to organic traffic.

Now, DeepCrawl is widely recognized as the world’s most comprehensive website crawler.




  • Help you to make your business visible.
  • DeepCrawl enables all search marketers, data analysts, and all people who are operating in the analytics field to make websites accessible, relevant, and effective.
  • Track Progress over Time with Trend Graphs
  • Spend less time analyzing your data and more time evaluating, making informed data-driven decisions. DeepCrawl is involved from inception to completion, and health checks for its maintenance thereafter.
  • With DeepCrawl you can choose where in the domain you wish to start your crawl and specify your crawl requirements based on your project needs.
  • Compare Your Architecture with Your Competitors to Identify Opportunities.
  • Schedule Crawls to Reduce Admin and Ensure You Have Regular Data Coming In.
  • Easily See What’s Changed, for Better or for Worse, since Your Last Crawl.
  • Divide Tasks amongst Team Members Using Our Internal Ticketing System.
  • Easily used across multiple clients from project inception to completion and health checks for its maintenance thereafter. See more specifically designed client-facing features.

Features & Services:

  • Monitoring Site Health
  • Migrating my Website
  • Structuring my Website
  • Going International
  • Recovering from Panda
  • Recovering from Penguin
  • Improving UX
  • Competitor Analysis


  • Starter Price – $89 /m
  • Basic Price – $139 /m
  • Corporate Price – Bespoke

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$89 /m


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