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Artificial Intelligence simplifies and streamlines the performance review process for HR teams and managers. Here’s how Effy can revolutionize your employee evaluation system:

The Benefits of

  • Save Time & Resources: Ditch time-consuming manual processes and automate review cycles with Effy’s AI-powered platform.
  • Boost Employee Engagement: Encourage continuous feedback conversations with intuitive features like 1:1 templates and ongoing feedback options.
  • Data-driven Insights: Gain valuable data and actionable feedback to foster employee growth and development.
  • Unbiased Reviews: Mitigate bias and ensure consistency with Effy’s structured review templates and AI-powered guidance.
  • Improved Communication: Promote transparent communication between employees and managers through clear feedback mechanisms.

The Top Features:

  • AI-powered Review Templates: Generate customized review forms based on employee roles and company objectives.
  • 360-degree Feedback: Gather comprehensive feedback from peers, managers, and self-assessments for a holistic perspective.
  • Continuous Feedback: Facilitate ongoing conversations with features like pulse surveys and 1:1 templates.
  • Skills & Goals Management: Set clear goals and track skill development progress within the platform.
  • Actionable Reports: Generate insightful reports with data visualizations and personalized recommendations.
  • Seamless Integrations: Connect Effy with popular HRIS and payroll systems for streamlined data management.
  • Slack Integration: Facilitate feedback exchange and receive review notifications directly within Slack.

Pricing: offers a free plan to get started, with paid tiers unlocking advanced features and functionalities:

  • Free Plan:

    • Ideal for small teams or individual managers to try out
    • Free Forever: No credit card required to get started.
    • Unlimited Users: Invite your entire team to collaborate on reviews.
    • Core Features: Access basic functionalities like:
      • Unlimited Reviews: Conduct as many performance reviews as needed.
      • Templates Library: Utilize pre-built templates to streamline review creation.
      • Automated Notifications: Stay on track with review deadlines and reminders.
      • Status Dashboard: Monitor the progress of your team’s reviews in a centralized location.
      • Slack Integration: Receive notifications and facilitate feedback exchange directly within Slack.

    Pro Plan ($75/Space/Month – Billed Annually):

    • Designed for teams seeking advanced features and AI-powered insights.
    • Includes Everything in the Free Plan: You retain access to all core functionalities.
    • 30 AI Reports Included: Gain valuable insights with 30 AI-powered reports per month (e.g., identifying trends, highlighting strengths and weaknesses).
    • Additional AI Reports ($24 Each): Need more than 30 reports? Purchase them individually for a per-report fee.
    • Enhanced Features: Unlock additional functionalities like:
      • Anonymized Reviews: Create a safe space for honest feedback with optional anonymity.
      • Custom Peer Nominations: Choose who can provide peer feedback during the review process.
      • Priority Support: Get faster response times and dedicated assistance from Effy’s support team.

NOTE: All prices are subject to change without prior notice. So, please check the original link for the latest pricing information.

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$75/Space/Month - Billed Annually


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