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Forecheck Software

Forecheck Software


Forecheck Software is an extremely powerful, effective, and impactful Website and SEO Analyzer that runs like a search engine crawler at lightning speed through any website. It offers a great suite of smart solutions that are built for search engine optimization, search engine marketing, digital marketing campaigns, and social media engagement.

Forecheck Software is also considered to be one of the most effective tools and software, because of its reports that give you detailed insights to relevant search engine factors, but Forecheck is different than any other SEO tool. And Forecheck is more.

Coming to the company story, it should be mentioned that they started way back in 1995. But, they had developed the first SEO software in Germany. The software was called RankIt!! and was sold starting in 1997 as shareware and distributed on floppy discs.

They were the first SEO company in Germany. In 2000 the company was renamed and newly organized as cyberpromote GmbH. As of today, they are still a privately held company, and 25 experts help companies around the world to solve their problems.


  • Analyze any domain in any language.
  • Analyze whenever you want.
  • Analyze how often you want.
  • Analyze up to 2 million URLs per domain.
  • Analyze with up to 1,000 parallel requests.
  • Supports all charsets and codings of all languages.
  • Full-text search for all data including source code.
  • All reports can be created on the fly.
  • Get 100% precise and complete data.
  • Export all data and Reports into CSV or Excel in seconds.
  • You can see nearly all of the crawled data retrieved by Forecheck.
  • Use filters to constrain the data to your needs.
  • Export the actual view at any time to a comma-separated CSV file or an Excel file.
  • Examine additional data in the sheet “All” that contains the default data plus content, source code and the link text of all pages.
Forecheck Analysis Overview

Forecheck Analysis Overview

Features & Services:

  • Fastest SEO Crawler
  • Cloud and Client
  • Website Management
  • Analyze & Optimize
  • Report and Export Master
  • Outstanding


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