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Freedom is the app and website blocker for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Chrome, used by over 1,000,000 people to reclaim focus and produc­tivity. Experience the freedom to do what matters most.

With Freedom, you’ll be able to control distractions and focus on what you want.

Benefits of Using Freedom:

  • The free extensions complement the Freedom app. Pause, limit, and monitor your time spent on distracting websites.
  • Each Freedom session can be annotated – keep notes about what you’ve accomplished and track your progress.
  • For the days when your willpower needs an extra boost, enable Locked mode to prevent you from ending a Freedom session.
  • Start Freedom sessions on the fly, or schedule a future session that begins automatically.
  • Select websites and apps from our preset lists or create an unlimited number of customized blocklists to suit your different situations.
  • Include as many devices as you’d like in a Freedom session. Freedom supports Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Chrome devices.
  • When you need a break or a focus boost, block the whole internet with the click of a button.
  • Spending too much time on apps? Freedom lets you block time-wasting apps – from email to addicting games.
  • Whether it’s Facebook, ESPN, or YouTube, block an unlimited number of distracting websites so you can focus on what matters.

The Top Features of Freedom:

  • Block Websites
  • Block Apps
  • Block The Internet
  • Sync Across Devices
  • Blocklists
  • Advance Scheduling
  • Locked Mode
  • Ambient noise for focus
  • Browser Extensions
  • Session History
  • Session Annotation

Freedom Pricing:

  • Monthly: $6.99/month
  • Yearly: $2.42/month
  • Forever: $129.00

NOTE: All prices are subject to change without prior notice. So, please check the original link of pricing.

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