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Google AdWords for Shopify

Google AdWords for Shopify

AdWords Robot links your Shopify to AdWords


Google AdWords for Shopify is considered to be one of the most intelligent tools and software that are powered and presented by AdWords Robot BV, which is considered to be one of the most popular software companies in developing smart digital marketing, social media, data analysis, e-commerce, retail, search engine marketing (SEM), and search engine optimization (SEO) tools around the world.

Google AdWords for Shopify provides all marketers, advertisers, retailers, e-commerce specialists, brands, and all businesses to build, update and optimize their AdWords campaigns, which effectively help all of them to gain huge profits through pushing their conversions and sales. Google AdWords for Shopify also enables them to achieve the most benefit of their e-commerce campaigns, as it links their Shopify to AdWords.

AdWords Robot BV is an innovative company, which use the latest Big Data technologies to automate Internet Marketing tools such as AdWords. AdWords Robot BV goal is to create beautiful tools which make lives of Internet Marketers easier, more effective and less time-consuming. In addition, AdWords Robot is a collection of tools which make it easier to manage your AdWords campaigns. At this moment two tools are out of beta.


  • Google AdWords for Shopify effectively helps you link your Shopify to AdWords.
  • Allow you to build, update and optimize your AdWords campaigns in an effective way.
  • Enable you to deliver relevant visitors to your product pages.
  • In most cased around 40-60% of the revenue will come from using Google AdWords for Shopify.
  • Help you touch consumers earlier in their customer journey.
  • Get shopping cart abandoners and existing customers back with back to the shop when they start searching again.
  • Grow your business in a simple and fast way.
  • Optimize bids based on product categories and Return On Investment to make sure each category makes you money.

Features & Services:

  • Bid Management
  • Product Inventory Management
  • Negative Keyword Management
  • Shopping Feed Optimization
  • Seasonality Research
  • Google Shopping
  • Long-tail AdWords campaigns Search Ads Campaigns
  • Remarketing campaigns


  • Monthly management fee for fully managed AdWords campaigns – $324 or €299

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