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Hiver is a software that helps organizations collaborate from their email inboxes. Hiver helps teams to deliver a significant customer experience and this is by helping them collaborate faster within Gmail.

Not just this but also, Hiver is a Google Chrome extension that adds a collection of features to your Gmail inbox. Also, in your personal inbox, you can now access shared inboxes with other people in your team.

Benefits of Using Hiver:

  • Hiver helps you easily access, assign and track emails coming to your shared customer service account


  • With Hiver, every email coming to your customer service email address has a clear status.


  • Hiver helps you collaborate seamlessly with your team by helping you keep internal and external conversations clearly separated, yet in context.


  • With Hiver, remove the grunt work out of customer service.


  • Improve your customer service with insights into workload distribution, SLA violations, and team performance.

The Top Features of Hiver:

  • The only helpdesk built for G Suite
  • Hiver makes email customer service a delight for your team and customers
  • Create accountability with email ownership and status
  • Collaborate without CCss and forwards
  • Automate your workflow and kill grunt work
  • Find areas of improvement in your customer service

Hiver Pricing:

  • Lite: $7/month
  • Growth: $22/month
  • Pro: $37/month
  • Elite: $57/month

NOTE: All prices are subject to change without prior notice. So, please check the original link of pricing.

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