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IntercomExport is one of the smartest tools that enable customers to export their Intercom Conversations to CSV format in one-click. In addition to allowing them to analyze in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or Numbers.

IntercomExport is also considered to be a very important tool for a great number of Customer Success Managers, Product Managers, Business Analysts, CTOs, Marketing Managers and other professionals, who are depending on Intercom Conversation exports to discover their customers optimize users support function.

IntercomExport is powered by Prodsight, which is considered to be a business intelligence Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that helps companies increase the success of their products.

On this front. it should be pointed out that Intercom Conversation export is a great solution, which brings data from your Intercom account and generates a CSV file, once you request a new conversation export.


  • Export your Intercom Conversations to CSV format in one-click.
  • Analyze in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or Numbers.
  • Improve Help Articles: Analyse Intercom Conversations to identify common user inquiries and write better self-help articles.
  • Train Support Bots: Use our Intercom Conversation exports as a training dataset for your support bot and reduce support cost.
  • Inform Product Roadmap: Analyse Intercom Conversations to identify popular feature requests and usability issues and build a better product.
  • Quantify Support: Create advanced reports in spreadsheet/BI tools to understand how support resources are utilized in your business.

Features & Services:

  • Connect in one-click:
    IntercomExport is an approved Intercom integration which means that you can securely grant us read-only access to your data. We will never modify your Intercom data.
  • Export with zero coding:
    Export full Intercom Conversation message transcripts to CSV format in one-click. No coding skills or API knowledge is required. Save development time for core projects.
  • Analyze your way:
    Use Microsoft Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets or your favorite spreadsheet tool to analyze or combine your Intercom Conversations export with other data.


  • SAMPLE – Free (20 recent conversations/export)
  • STARTUP – $49/ month (Up to 5,000 conversations/export)
  • BUSINESS – $199/ month (Up to 50,000 conversations/export)

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