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Kenshoo Apps

Kenshoo Apps

Reach your best mobile users, drive app installs and capture customer lifetime value.

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Kenshoo Apps is one of the greatest solutions, tools, and software that help all marketers, advertisers, webmasters, brands, retailers, sellers, and businesses reach their targeted mobile users, in addition to enabling them to effectively drive app installs and capture customer lifetime value.

Kenshoo Apps is powered and produced by Kenshoo company, which is a software company that is working on supporting all people who are operating in the digital marketing, social media, retail, and e-commerce industry with a great suite of smart tools, solutions, and products that enable them to do their work in easy and good way.

Coming to Kenshoo software company, it should be pointed out that Kenshoo is that the leading technology platform for brands wanting to arrange to activate and amplify effective selling across the most-engaging digital channels. Kenshoo offers the sole selling resolution that has data-driven insights and improved technology to assist create informed choices and scale performance across crucial publishers.

As explained by the company, Kenshoo Apps is the all-in-one, complete solution for app marketers to reach their best customers, drive the install & continued user app engagement across all of the publishers that matter.


  • Reach your best mobile users.
  • Drive app installs.
  • Capture customer lifetime value.
  • Access all of the right levers for total app placement control in the app stores in Android and iOS.
  • Activate high app store ranking to reach and acquire new, lasting customers.
  • Analyze monetization behavior
  • Understand funnel maturity over time
  • Optimize toward loyal customers & grow LTV
  • Robust campaign and creatives management
  • Granular cohort analyses, reporting, and insights
  • Full funnel optimizations of ads and in-app user actions
  • Track and Measure Lifetime Value of Mobile App Users
  • Kenshoo Apps grants access to expert scale, automation, reporting, and optimization tools meant to grow app usage and ROI.
  • Run multi-publisher campaigns from one place – across Facebook, Snap, Google UAC, and now Apple Search Ads.
  • Kenshoo Apps helps retain your customers well beyond the install and optimize in-app actions that grow user Lifetime Value (LTV).


The Kenshoo software company has not provided pricing information for this product or service. If you want to access Kenshoo Apps Software, you have to Request A Demo Here.


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