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Keyword Hero

The Keyword Hero

Data Analysis and Reporting

The Keyword Hero is the globally only solution that puts the organic keywords back into Google Analytics. It is the most comprehensive SEO tool and fully integrated into Google Analytics. You’ll not only see the keywords but the semantic clusters they belong to, brand vs non-brand, CTR, and more.

The Keyword Hero fetches data from your Google Analytics account and computes the keywords for your organic sessions.

Benefits of Using Keyword Hero:

  • Keyword Hero shows you all organic keywords including all session metrics.


  • It is the must-have for professional search engine optimization.


  • Keyword Hero puts together nine different sources of data then analyze it, eventually, Keyword Hero uploads the data back to a new Google Analytics property.

The Top Features of Keyword Hero:

  • Brand Detection.
  • Position in the SERPs.
  • Query Type.
  • Keyword and traffic analysis.
  • Site structure and content optimization.
  • Boost your organic ROI.

Keyword Hero Pricing:

  • Little Hero: Free/ analyze up to 10 URLs and 2000 sessions.
  • Big Hero: $9/ analyze up to 250 URLs and 10000 sessions.
  • Giant Hero: $49/ analyze up to 500 URLs and 50000 sessions.
  • Ultimate Hero: $149/ analyze up to 2500 URLs and 250000 sessions.

NOTE: All prices are subject to change without prior notice. So, please check the original link of pricing.

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