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A Search Engine for Leads.

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LeadFuze is a search engine for leads, it aggregates the world’s professional data to continue to deliver the freshest leads to you. With LeadFuze you can export LeadFuze lead data at any time to CSV or Google Sheets.

LeadFuze provides the freshest leads for you to do cold email and outreach to.

Benefits of Using LeadFuze:

  • Get double verified emails, validated in real-time for a 0% bounce rate.
  • Scale up your cold calling efforts with phone numbers for your targeted leads.
  • Use Fuzebot, the AI assistant, to keep building lists for you over time.
  • Get LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Twitter profiles for multi-channel social selling.
  • Get full insights on your leads including work history, skills, college education, and more.
  • Get personal + company emails to build custom audiences on social networks.
  • Use LeadFuze’s integrations to trigger multi-channel outreach campaigns.
  • Qualify leads based on their monthly Adwords spend.
  • Expand your current customer accounts or find new ones.
  • Find all employees within an organization and get their contact info.
  • Find companies hiring for specific roles. Even search by keywords.
  • Filter by companies who are raising funds or even investing in others.
  • Find companies who have recently announced new partnerships, integrations, etc.
  • Find companies who have recently hired key executives, fired key employees, or made key promotions.
  • Find companies who have recently expanded product lines, opened new offices, and more.
  • Find companies who use specific technologies.
  • Find candidates with specific skills to match with current job openings.
  • Take your data with you. Export to CSV or Google Sheets.

The Top Features of LeadFuze:

  • Emails
  • Phone Numbers
  • List Building
  • Social Profiles
  • Background
  • Ad Targeting
  • Ad Spend
  • Account Based
  • Employee Lists
  • Workflows
  • Hiring
  • Fundraising
  • New Partnerships
  • Staff Changes
  • Expansions
  • Technologies Used
  • Skill Search
  • Data Exporting

LeadFuze Pricing:

  • Starter: $132.30/mo
  • Scaling: $447.30/mo
  • Custom

NOTE: All prices are subject to change without prior notice. So, please check the original link of pricing.

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