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Litmus is considered to be one of the best tools that make it easy to build, test, and monitor every email for the best results, which means never send another broken email. Litmus also empowers marketers, designers, and agencies to send better email, faster.


  1. Create a great email for every subscriber, everywhere.
  2. Build, edit, and instantly preview your emails across 90+ clients. Plus, utilize integrations with popular email platforms to speed production and reduce errors.
  3. Catch costly errors that impact performance.
  4. Reach the inbox, not the spam folder.
  5. Maximize ROI with advanced analytics.
  6. For Designers: Build, test, and iterate faster than ever before. Plus, utilize insights to focus your build efforts where it matters most and create emails that perform.
  7. For Marketers: Get full visibility into every aspect of your email program so you can pinpoint—and react to—any changes in your deliverability or audience behaviors.
  8. For Agencies: Create consistent, high-performing emails for your clients at scale. Plus, leverage Litmus to better position your services and win more business.

Features & Services:

  1. Email Previews
  2. Checklist
  3. Email Analytics
  4. Litmus Integrations
  5. Litmus Builder
  6. Spam Testing
  7. Litmus Proof
  8. Litmus Advanced Security


  • Free guided tour – Free
  • Basic – $99 / Mo
  • Plus Best Value – $199 / Mo


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$99 / Mo


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